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ABC Members are Pledged to Support these Basic Principles...

1. Preservation of free enterprise in the construction industry  
  • We believe every business should have the right to deal with any other business firm as it sees fit.       
  • We believe every worker should have the right to belong or not to belong to any labor organization.     
  • We believe that no person's right to work should be affected by membership or non-membership in a labor organization.
  • We believe that every firm, as provided in federal and state law, should have the right to operate union or open shop as it deems fit.
2. Protection of the public by requiring open shop bidding on contracts for spending the taxpayers' money     
  • We believe in the principle of awarding public contracts to the lowest responsible bidder.

3. Sound legislation on workers' compensation, employment compensation and safety.
  • We believe the working population should be protected from the hazards of industrial employment in our complex economy.   
  • We believe welfare legislation should be designed to preserve the initiative characteristic of our free enterprise system.       
  • We believe welfare legislation encouraging coddling of workers, payment for work not done, secondary boycotts, and other expressions of private power should be strenuously opposed.
4. Labor Legislation
  • We favor legislation that provides for fair and just relations between management and labor.      
  • We oppose such activities as violence, coercion, intimidation and the denial of rights of free working persons and free management.
5. Monopolies       
  • We are, in general, opposed to monopolies; and are particularly opposed to closure of opportunities for bidding in the construction industry.       
  • We believe the practice of closing lists of bidders is harmful to owners and the construction industry.     
  •  This practice opens the way for favoritism that can only result in stifling free competition. Our position does not mean that we are opposed to individual firms working out their particular problems with individuals as they see fit.
6. Wages and Prices
  • We favor elimination of government fixing of wages and prices as practices destructive of free enterprise.       
  • We believe American workers and employers should have the right to determine wages, hours and working conditions through either individual or collective bargaining as they choose without government interference.     
  • We believe in fair compensation for work performed.
7. Government Economy
  • Government on all levels owes to our citizens the duty of operating efficiently and economically for the general welfare
  • Government waste, careless administration and corruption should be fought by alert citizens whenever and wherever they appear.
8. Non- Discrimination     
  • Discrimination based on race, sex, color, or creed is contrary to the spirit of American democracy.      
  • Our membership is open to all firms qualified under the charter. We are opposed to any discrimination that sets one citizen above another on the score of race, sex, creed or color.
  • We believe, in particular, that precluding minorities from the opportunity of learning the skills in the construction industry and keeping them out of jobs is harmful to our nation, economically and morally.
9. Businessperson's responsibility to the Community
  • We believe every businessperson should recognize his or her duties as a citizen and take an active part in civic affairs.
  • We believe it is the duty of every businessperson to deal fairly with other firms and individuals.     
  • Grievances between members of trade associations such as ours should be aired and reconciled wherever possible.

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