Political Contributions

Supporting Pro-merit Shop Candidates | Why is it imperative that I contribute?

Raising funds to help elect candidates who are supportive of ABC’s issues is critical in countering
the mass amounts of money contributed to candidates by organized labor. Although union workers are a small minority of the workforce, the political influence they have gained from required or coerced donations from their members is a force to be reckoned with. ABC must help support candidates through our Political Committees or be victims of the process! 

ABC’s State Political Committees | How can I help protect Merit Shop Construction in Nevada?

You can help protect our industry and make our voices heard in Nevada by contributing to the chapter's state political fund. This fund has been established to support the election of pro-business and pro-merit shop candidates running for elected office in the state of Nevada. These funds are ABC's tools to represent you and your business interests to elect Nevadalegislators and political
candidates. Your contributions will go to work immediately by helping candidates who agree with our free enterprise and pro-business legislative agenda.

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ABC’s National PAC | How do I help elect pro-merit shop members to Congress?

The purpose of ABC PAC is to work within the federal election process to further the goals
of the association through direct involvement in supporting and opposing candidates for The United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. 

ABC's PAC is your voice in elective politics. PAC members' donations are combined with others to jointly support candidates. This provides a unified and powerful voice for the merit agenda. It is also an opportunity to participate in one of the largest pro-business PAC's in the nation.

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Free Enterprise Alliance| The Free Enterprise Alliance (FEA) is battling to keep you building!

As the issue-advocacy arm of Associated Builders and Contractors, FEA tackles state business initiatives, educates the public about construction and advocates the importance of open competition and free enterprise.

Your personal OR corporate contribution to FEA is an investment in the future of your business. Without FEA, the enemies of free enterprise will continue to attack-making it harder and harder for you to compete.

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