The ABC Benefit Trust Health Insurance Plan levels the playing field and offers groups in the Construction Industry with 2-500 employees access to Large Group Plans & Rates!

trust benefits

  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage – 6 National Network plans/2 HMO based plans
  • Dental Coverage
  • Visual Coverage

trust advantages

  • Composite and Hourly Rates available
  • Dollar Banking for Field Hourly Workers
  • One Monthly Bill for all plan options elected
  • Centralized Administration for Enrollment and Premium Billing
  • Full COBRA Administration
  • HIPAA, PPACA and Regulatory Notice Compliance
  • Fiduciary Oversight and Plan Risk Management Protection
  • Compliant with all Federal and State Public Works Rules & Regulations

employer advantages

  • Reduces Employer Payroll Burden (Contributions are exempt from FICA, FUTA, SUTA,
  • Workers Compensation and General Liability Premiums)
  • Allows Contractors to be More Competitive when bidding on Prevailing Wage Jobs
  • Improve Employee Retention by providing Quality Benefits and Creating Steady Work

Client Benefits Include

  • Employee composite rates starting at under $300 per month – No age banding
  • Over the last 6 years the NV ABC Trust has seen a 30% decrease in rates. 
  • All hospitals in Nevada are In-Network
  • 90% of nation’s doctors and hospitals are In-Network including Mayo Clinic, UCLA, UCSF, Cedars-Sinai, Cleveland Clinic, & Stanford
  • Compete on Prevailing Wage projects/bids with the ABC Bona Fide Fringe Benefit Package. Lower your payroll costs and tax burden.
  • “Expedited Underwriting” approval with group census. 
  • Small Group and Large Group Employers are allowed to enter in the plan
    The ABC Benefit Trust has vast buying power and rates are dependable and renewable

*Most plans include $0 copay for CVS Virtual care (HMO & HSA excluded) and $0 copay for CVS Minute Clinic Visits

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ABC Trust Northern Nevada (775) 358-7888 • ABC Trust Southern Nevada (702) 227-0536