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What is Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeship Definition:

1: a position as an apprentice : an arrangement in which someone learns an art, trade, or job under another. He obtained an apprenticeship with a carpenter.

An Apprenticeship is either a three or four-year commitment. The ABC Nevada Apprenticeship programs are state and federally certified programs in Electrical, Operators, Low Voltage, Sheet Metal, Carpentry or Plumbing (Reno Only).

Apprentices work 40 hours per week with an ABC Employer Member Sponsor contractor and attend classes one night per week during the traditional school year.  The students earn college credit each year while getting hands-on training in the field each day with their respective Contractor. The Contractor pays for the apprentice’s college education.

Apprentices must complete approximately 2000 hours of on-the-job training a year and a minimum of 144 hours in the classroom. Students are required to maintain over a 70% GPA at all times.

who is abc?

ABC is a major nonprofit construction industry trade association with a nationwide membership of over 26,000 firms in 69 local chapters.  ABC represents general contractors and subcontractors of all trades and talents, suppliers of materials and equipment, and other professionals associated with the construction industry.  ABC was formed in 1950 in Baltimore to represent the interests and concerns of Merit Shop Contractors.  Firms that operate under the “Merit Shop” philosophy strive to ensure that performance is based on ability rather than union or non-union affiliation.


Our member sponsors are contractors who do residential, commercial, and industrial work.  You will be required to work for a member during your entire apprenticeship.  One of our staff members will be in charge of placing you with a contractor for employment.  The majority of work is outside year round and will include heavy lifting, digging, working at heights and job-site cleanup.  The minimum wage schedule is as follows:

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The minimum pay scale is regulated by our state-approved standards.  ABC Nevada contractors support the merit shop philosophy. Many first-year apprentices make significantly more than the minimum once they have proven themselves on the job. Throughout the 4 years you will receive a raise every time you reach 1,000 on the job training hours.


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Startup cost to new apprentices are approximately $200 each year for books and $250 – $500 for necessary tools, depending on your trade. That’s all!

medical coverage?

All ABC Nevada apprentices in the Southern Division are covered by the ABC Nevada medical plan, which includes medical, vision and dental coverage.  Northern Division Apprentices are covered under their specific contractor’s insurance plan.

college credit?

Your respective contractor pays your training costs as well as your college education throughout the apprenticeship program. Each semester you earn 3-5 credits towards your Associates Degree. ABC Nevada is currently affiliated with WNC, Western Nevada College. WNC currently has all prerequisites available online so apprentices can complete all necessary classes to obtain their Associates Degree. 

when do i start?

All applicants must complete an application only during specific open enrollment dates. A math test will be completed with the application. You must provide the following items at time of application to qualify: Highschool Diploma or GED, proof of age (must be 18 years of age) and birth certificate.  Interviews will be scheduled after the application process is complete.  Contact ABC for specific application dates at to be added to the mailing list.

what Then?

Once you have qualified, you must keep your personal contact information current.  If you are accepted into the program you must pass a mandatory pre-indenture drug and alcohol screening before being dispatched to a member contractor and indentured. ABC Nevada has a zero-tolerance policy for drugs and alcohol.