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What is the ABC apprenticeship program?

Thank you for your interest in the ABC apprenticeship program.  In order to ensure you know as much about the program and process as possible, we have put together this program description.  If you have any questions we have not addressed here, you can ask them at your interview.


Our apprenticeship programs are 3 year / 4-year state and federally registered programs; Electrical, Operators, Low Voltage, Sheet Metal, Carpentry and Plumbing (Reno Only). It consists of a full-time job with one of our member contractors in which you would obtain your on-the-job training and classes 1 night a week. Both components are required to be considered an indentured apprentice.

How the application process works?

Today you will be filling out an application and you will take a basic math test.  Upon completion of the application you will be scheduled for an oral interview with 2 of our apprenticeship volunteers.  You will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and will be required to bring it back with you to the interview.  Everyone who applies will be given a total score for the entire process and apprentices will be chosen based on that score.  For example – If we have 100 people apply and we can accept 25 people into the program, we would go to the list of applicants (called the eligibility list) and take the first 25 people on the list with the highest scores.


A letter will be emailed to all applicants letting you know if you were accepted or not.  If accepted, a pre-indenture drug screen must be passed and a mandatory orientation will be held.  If you are not accepted, you will be placed on the eligibility list for further consideration for up to 2 years or until accepted in whichever comes first.  You can request to be removed from that list if you choose.  Be sure to keep your physical address, email and phone number current with our office during the entire process,  as we will send letters of acceptance as apprentices are needed and we must be able to reach you.


If you are accepted into the program you will be responsible for purchasing your tools for work and books for school.  Tools will range anywhere from $400 – $1000 and books will be approximately $300 for the first year.  An ABC representative can give you a list of required tools upon request.  Also, if accepted you will be required to sign a promissory note that states if you quit or are terminated from the program before its completion, you will be required to pay back the cost of the tuition paid by your contractor.  It is very important you have reliable transportation if accepted as the job you are placed on could be anywhere in the local jurisdiction.

Who you will be working with?

Our member contractors do residential, commercial, and industrial work.  You will be required to work for a member during your entire apprenticeship.  One of our staff members will be in charge of placing you with a contractor for employment.  The majority of work is outside year round and will include heavy lifting, digging, working at heights and job-site cleanup.  The minimum wage schedule is as follows:

What will I make?

Yr. of Apprentice:                    Private Job:                           % on Prevailing Wage Job:

1st period                                 $ 15.00                                                50%

2nd period                                $ 16.50                                                55%

3rd period                                $ 18.00                                                60%

4th period                                $ 19.50                                                65%

5th period                                $ 21.00                                                70%

6th period                                $ 22.50                                                75%

7th period                                $ 24.00                                                80%

8th period                                $ 25.50                                                85%