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Member Sponsors (Contractors)

The ABC Nevada Apprenticeship programs create continuity throughout the industry with measurable expectations in knowledge and performance.  The Apprenticeship programs are designed to be a combination of classroom instruction, lab instruction and on-the-job learning in the field. This proven method instills the habits of continual learning throughout the career of the Apprentice. 


Employer Member Sponsor Contractors who sponsor apprentices in a registered program agree to provide the approved on-the-job learning component with proper supervision by a qualified journey worker. This provides value to both the Employer Member Sponsor contractor as well as the client whose project an apprentice works on as the apprentice is receiving a background in the classroom providing the theory and “why” for the efforts he or she is providing in the field. 


ABC Nevada believes that one of the keys to attracting new workers and retaining current craft professionals is to provide high quality, flexible training that leads to a lifetime career opportunity in a lucrative field.

As a registered organization who administers the Apprenticeship program, ABC Nevada ensures the instruction is delivered and adheres to compliance requirements of the program.


The Nevada Chapter of ABC is the only non-union sponsor of Apprenticeship programs registered for Carpentry, Electrical, Low Voltage, Plumbing, Sheet Metal and Heavy Equipment Operators. ABC’s apprenticeship programs are registered with the State Nevada Apprenticeship Council and the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Apprenticeship. 

Employers who sponsor apprentices in the programs are members of ABC Nevada and work in partnership with the ABC Nevada staff to maintain the highest caliber of training in all of components of program administration and delivery.


In addition to the Apprenticeship program, ABC Nevada Chapter offers a variety of training and education opportunities, keeping with our commitment to build a skilled workforce.

“Education is the foundation of a good tradesman, the ABC apprenticeship program is ensuring our tradesmen meet the increasing technical skills needed in today's changing world.”
Roger Puccinelli
President of Pioneer Electric
“As a company, Helix Electric strongly believes in educating and training our workforce, and embraces ABC Nevada’s merit philosophy which is based on teamwork, constant improvement, and rewarding those who perform. We have invested a great deal in the ABC Nevada apprenticeship program as our pipeline to our future craftsmen and construction industry leaders.”
Bob Johnson
Senior VP of Helix Electric
“Training the youth is the key to the future success of our companies and industry throughout the country. The apprenticeship programs offered by ABC Nevada help us in educating and training our future workers and leaders. ABC Nevada’s apprenticeship programs are the solution to our workforce dilemma.”
Donnie Gibson
President of Civil Werx
“ABC’s Apprenticeship programs provide the level of professionalism and training that employers’ need from the upcoming trade workers.”
Marcos Garcia
ABC Nevada South Division Trust Chairman & ABC Graduate

Craft Training

For contractors who would like to educate their employees but do not fit with the required scope of work hours required can still send their employees to the ABC Nevada Craft Trainee Program.  A Craft Trainee would have the same requirements and credits as an apprentice; however, they would not be a recognized or indentured apprentice by the State Apprenticeship Council.